Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

This is a super easy cookie recipe that has to be one of my favorites around this time of year. It's a melt in your moth buttery shortbread cookie with lots of dried cranberries inside to give it some tartness with the addition of the orange zest. the perfect holiday cookie that no one can resist! I personally love having them in the morning with my cup of coffee.



1 cup unsalted butter (227 grams)

1/2 cup sugar (100 grams)

2 cups flour (240 grams)

1 cup almond flour (120 grams)

1 egg

2 tsps vanilla extract

1/2 tsp salt

Zest of 2 oranges

1 cup dried cranberries (chopped)

1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips



  1. Mix dry ingredients- in a large bowl mix flour, almond flour, and salt.
  2. In a medium sized bowl add zest of two large oranges and sugar. rub the sugar and orange zest in between your fingers to release all the essential oils.
  3. In your stand or hand mixer combine room temperature butter and orange sugar and beat on high speed until mixture is light and fluffy about 2 minutes. Add the vanilla extract, egg,  and continue to mix for another 30 seconds. Be sure to scrap the bowl so everything gets incorporated.
  4. Add dry ingredients to wet and mix on low speed. Scrap the bowl as necessary. 
  5. Shape the dough into a rectangle about 2” thick, wrap tightly with plastic wrap and chill for 30-60 minutes.
  6. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  7. Roll out the cookie dough between two sheets of parchment paper into a rough rectangle about 1/2" thick and just over 5" wide.
  8. Trim the cookie dough rectangle so that it's 5" wide, with straight edges. Then, use a bench scraper or a sharp knife to cut it into about 1/3" - 1/2" wide cookie sticks.
  9. Re-roll any scraps to make more cookie sticks.
  10. Chill the sticks in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes before transferring them to your parchment lined baking tray. This will make it easier to move them so they dont lose their shape.
  11. Bake one tray at a time for 10-12 minutes or until the edges of the cookies are golden brown.
  12. While they are cooling, prepate white chocolate. 
  13. In a microwave safe bowl that is long enough to dip the cookies, place 1 1/2 cups of white chocolate chips. Microwave it in 15 second intervals mixing in between each one until it is fully melted.
  14. Once the cookies are completely cooled, gently dip each one half way and set on a parchment lined tray. 
  15. Add the remaining chocolate to a piping bag and drizzle over the dipped portion of the cookie.
  16. Store in an airtight container for up to one week. 
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